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March 2015
text: 50 Tips for Fiction Writers by Libby Hellmann
Whew!It took over a year to do, but my 50 Free Tips for Fiction Writers is finally complete. You can find them over at Pinter...
February 2015
text: A Free Thriller For You!
My favorite of the Ellie Foreman series is available free for a limited time. Both Ellie Foreman and Georgia Davis work toget...
August 2014
August 2014
text: Nobody's Child Arrives Next Week...
Soft release August 15, 2014 Formal Release, September 2, 2014 A New Crime Thriller from Award-Winning Author Libby Fischer H...
June 2014
text: Killer Femmes: The Stories Behind The Stories
The Killer Femmes “bundle” (also available on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks) is special because I’m sharing space with some of my fa...
June 2014
text: Killer Femmes is Here!
My friend and colleague, author Sujata Massey, posted this, and I know she won't mind if I share it with you... Who are ...
March 2014
text: Did You Ever Do This?
I was watching Saving Mr. Banks last night when I saw something I’ve never seen in a film before. It’s something I did as a l...
February 2014
text: I Moved To Chicago For The Weather
About six months ago, the Mystery Readers Journal edited by Janet Rudolph (Btw, if you don’t get these quarterly magazines, y...
February 2014
text: Twisted Love (And Crime)...
Confession: I am a Valentines Day cynic. Not for me the cards, roses, candy, and romantic dinners. In fact, for me Valentine’...
January 2014
text: Espionage Thrillers And Women
I started reading spy thrillers around the time of Watergate (Hmm… think there’s a connection?). The first two I read were Th...
January 2014
text: Between Books (The Author's POV)
I just finished my latest Georgia book. Now, understand that when I say finished, I mean the first draft is done. It has been...
November 2013
text: The Writer and Sensory Detail: How much, how often?
"Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader - not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained...
September 2013
text: Five Rules for a Successful Writing Group
I’ve been in a writing group for 16 years. I joined way before I was published, and they deserve most of the credit for the f...
August 2013
text: Red Sparrow
Not finished yet, but I finally did settle down with Red Sparrow. It's pretty good... a CIA male agent and a female Russian a...
August 2013
I like that my latest release, Havana Lost, hit the shelves around the same time a little miracle happened. After decades wit...