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The Assassins' Village

The Assassins' Village - Faith Mortimer Faith Mortimer's mystery, THE ASSASSIN'S VILLAGE was an excellent read. The plot centers on a small village in Cyprus, but it could have been in the UK or American countryside as well. It's a place where, in true Christie fashion, .everyone, mostly British ex-pats involved in staging a production of Macbeth, knows everyone else and thinks they know their secrets too. When one of the most unlikeable men in the village is murdered, everyone becomes a suspect. Mortimer comes up with such credible and clever motivations for each character that I had no idea who the perpetrator was until nearly the end.of the story. She also does a fabulous job with setting - I could feel the hot sun, taste the wonderful food (I think I gained five pounds from just reading), and enjoy the Cypriot scenery. I may even have to visit. Her prose shines - it seems effortless and smooth, and is a pleasure to read. My only quibble is that all the major characters (and there are many) are introduced fairly quickly, but that's a minor nit. If you want a traditional mystery in a non-traditional setting, this novel is for you. Highly recommended.